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Dutch Blind
A retractable Dutch Blind is generally operated by a cord and pulley system secured to a cleat. On larger blinds there are alternative methods. Either a gear or detachable winding handle or electrically operated.

Dutch Blinds come in myriad shapes and sizes – either retractable or rigid dependant on the measurement and style of any individual requirements. The extrusion can also be formed into a variety of curved shapes.


Side Blinds
Our side screen that not only looks good but also disappears into an elegant cassette when not needed. The side screen provides maximum protection from sunshine and from unpleasant winds. It also provides a little more privacy to your patio or covered area.

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Example of Goal post awnings

Lawrence of Hythe awnings in Kent

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awning heaters

Our Heater provides comfortable warmth allowing you to enjoy more time on the patio in the early and late season and on cool evenings. The ultramodern, safe system is reliable and provides full heating power only one or two seconds after being turned on, converting 90 to 95% of the electrical energy into heat.

remote control awnings in Kent

Remote control
A motorised awning provides extra comfort for the patio or terrace all year round. The stylish remote control also allows to you control and adjust your awning at the touch of a button

Wind sensor
A small sensor that fixes to the inside of the awnings head rail allows the awning to automatically close if there is a threat of strong winds.

fixing awnings in Kent

Not all awning installation sites allow for straightforward fixing, so for an additional cost you can opt for various different options of bracket to overcome obstacles such as gutters, down pipes, extensions, fascia boards and weak surfaces.

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Types of awning available

cassette awnings in KentFolding arm with cassette awning
The awning is finished with a flush fitting cassette, protecting the fabric & components from all types of weather when closed away.

awnings in KentFolding arm with semi cassette awning
The fabric is concealed within a cassette box. Arms tuck neatly underneath the cassette.

folding arms for awnings in KentFolding Arm awning
Fabric cover, arms and valance remain visible when the awning is closed. Optional cover available.

drop arm awnings in KentDrop Arm awning
Straight pivoting arms which lie vertically flat against the wall when awning is retracted. Ideal complete shading solution for first floor windows.

cross arm awnings in KentCross Arm awning
Designed for areas where space is at a premium. Arms cross under each other allowing the projection to exceed the width.

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